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Life has been a bit hectic for the last couple of months, so please accept my apologies for the neglected state of this site. Today I had a couple of hours in the office without any (paying) work to do, so I finally managed to investigate a few issues:

  1. The format of’s RSS feed has changed since December 2011. Most feed readers will say it is malformed, although Google Reader does not. Whatever the cause, I have updated the SWO parser so photos are once again displayed on the Inspiration page.
  2. The format of Google Reader’s starred items feed has also changed since December 2011. Updated the SWO parser to account for this. I can now once again post interesting links here simply by ‘starring’ the item in Reader.
  3. Added some filters to remove the undesirable posts (the ones with animated gifs and other crap) from the DeviantArt feed.
  4. Added some filters to remove unwanted (non-photographic) posts from the feed.
  5. Added some filters to remove unwanted (iPhone cases, don’t ask) posts from the RedBubble feed.
  6.’ new management, in just in two short months, have managed to break the RSS feeds for tagged items. I wasn’t able to work around this problem, so have dropped integration. This should have no effect for you, it just makes my job of posting interesting links a little harder.

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