Whose stuff is this?

The photographs were taken by me, Tim Houghton. I live near Cambridge in the UK and have two young sons.

This site is where I post the results of my photographic endeavours and save photography-related links that interest me.


On this page you’ll find¬†some ‘Best of’ links to my favourite photography sites on the internet.¬†Hopefully you’ll find something here to inspire you.

These links will automatically update themselves several times each day so you may wish to visit regularly!

Before contacting me to say that your favourite site isn’t listed, please note that Photobucket does have syndication feeds, but not for theirmost popular‘ list. PBase on the other hand doesn’t have any feeds at all, and instead of popular photos they track popular galleries.

Update April 2013: 1x.com are no longer publishing their RSS feed of new acceptances.

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