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Life has been a bit hectic for the last couple of months, so please accept my apologies for the neglected state of this site. Today I had a couple of hours in the office without any (paying) work to do, so I finally managed to investigate a few issues:

  1. The format of’s RSS feed has changed since December 2011. Most feed readers will say it is malformed, although Google Reader does not. Whatever the cause, I have updated the SWO parser so photos are once again displayed on the Inspiration page.
  2. The format of Google Reader’s starred items feed has also changed since December 2011. Updated the SWO parser to account for this. I can now once

The PUF story

Image by WordRidden

For those of you wondering what happened:

The saga began with me posting a thread in General Chat entitled “For those of us born in the 70s” which contained nothing but a link to this page which demonstrates a ‘Mario Brothers’ inspired photography idea.

A few minutes later the thread was deleted and I received a PM from John Riley saying that my link was “nonsense” (that is a direct quote, mind you) and that I should re-post it on page 573 of the ‘Another Pointless Thread’ thread.

It is worth noting at this point that the ‘Another Pointless Thread’ thread contains numerous suggestions that the thread is restricted to non-photography chat. It is also worth noting …

Inspiration thumbnails

After some trial and error with Yahoo Pipes, and a refresher course in Regular Expressions, I have now added thumbnails to the ‘Best of’ links on the Inspiration page. Not sure about the size though, 50 x 50 pixels is the default size for this theme, but it seems a bit small to me. I’ll look into the possibility of making them larger.

Update: I have made the thumbnails 75 x 75 now. Much improved, I think!


Apologies if I’ve accidentally pinged your blog while setting up here. All posts older than this one will be deleted before the ‘official’ launch.…

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