Ultrasomething street

Comments on blogs are so often devoid of value, but the other day a passing comment on a well-known photography blog led me to Ultrasomething Photography, where Gregory Simpson posts and comments on his very fine selection of street photography. A really interesting site, well worth an hour’s browse.

Back to the future

© Irina Werning

A wonderful project by Irina Werning recreating childhood photographs. Difficult to tell if there is much photoshop involved, but at first glance it doesn’t appear so. Either way, I love them.

Part 2 of the project is here.

Musgo feature film, shot with a Panasonic GF2

Musgo Trailer from vesubio on Vimeo.

Henri Cartier-Bresson – The decisive moment

Henri Cartier-Bresson – The decisive moment from gambafrolla on Vimeo.

Spotlight – Manuela Kulpa

I came across the amazing animal portraits of Manuela Kulpa on 500px today. As you can see from the preview here, it’s truly fantastic stuff. Go and look!

Yet another reason why Flickr is going down the tubes

Through a secret combination of page views, comments, and number of ‘favourites’,  Flickr will occasionally promote a photograph to their Explored page. On the whole this works quite well, and photos on the Explored page usually range from ‘great’ to ‘stunning’. This page is one of the main reasons I visit Flickr.

Unfortunately the quality of the Explored page isn’t always guaranteed. As you can see from this photo, there are (many) cases where the photographer’s popularity results in hundreds of undeserved comments along the lines of ‘great photo’ and similar gushiness. These in turn promote an entirely ordinary photograph to the Explored page. This devalues Flickr for the rest of us.

Apologies to Cees for singling him…

Orthanc in Lego

It's big!

Here’s one for the Tolkien fans: an amazing 2.2m high lego model of Orthanc and surroundings, all the way down to over a hundred Lego Orcs and thirty Ents.

Image by theOneLug, used with permission.

TRVL: photography-centric travel e-magazine

This may seem a bit of an odd link for a photography blog, but if you have an iPad and are interested in travel photography, this is an excellent free download. Easily the best iPad magazine experience I’ve ever seen, very slick, thoughtfully designed, and a pleasure to flick through. Take a look for yourself: TRVL: an e-magazine for iPad.

Alpine Exposures Mountain Photography

I stumbled across a site today featuring some stunning mountain photography at Alpine Exposures Mountain Photography. Well worth a look.

Spotlight – Victoria Ivanocva

For a slice of highly imaginative still life photographs I’d recommend you visit Victoria Ivanocva’s portfolio page on 1x. Pure genius.

The Road Ahead

It’s rare that a photo stops me in my tracks, but this one did. I don’t think I would have reacted the same way a few years ago, but now that I have two young boys of my own this image has a much greater impact.

Spotlight – Milan Malovrh

Today I noticed this amazing photograph amongst the recent acceptances on my Inspiration page. The photographer is Milan Malovrh, and his other work can be found here. It’s amazing stuff, and something I’d love to have a go at! One day…

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